New Kid on the Block

Okay, okay, I did it. I resisted for a long time. But I can't stand watching everyone else play without me. So - can I play, too?

I feel like the new kid at school sitting alone in the cafeteria with no friends. Gulp....

So...who will play with me?

I'm worried that I'll be the only author in the blogosphere who only has the LJ Maintenance Crew for a friend.

How to Steal a Dog Reviews

“O’Connor blends her usual poignancy and insight in another tale set in a small North Carolina town….Speaking with at times heartbreaking honesty, this likable young narrator convincingly articulates her frustration, resentment and confusion as she comes to her decisions. O’Connor once again smoothly balances challenging themes with her heroine’s strength and sense of humor.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Georgina’s…how-to journal will have kids anticipating her misconceptions about the realities of theft and deception. A powerful portrayal from an innocently youthful perspective.”

“O’Connor knows how to spin a touching story, and reading this novel is its own reward.”
--Horn Book