April 13th, 2007


Participated in an amazing authorfest yesterday in Winchester, Massachusetts. This is a traditional event that has been taking place for many years now. I've been part of it for about 4 or 5 years. They bring in authors & illustrators for every grade at every school in town - kindergarten to high school. This year there were 20 authors/illustrators! The authors each visit several schools. There is a luncheon at the town library. At the end of the day, there is a book fair & signing at the Town Hall. It's such a festive occasion - very community-spirited and family-oriented. It's great to see families come to the Town Hall to buy books. The children are all so excited.

The best part for me, however, is getting to connect with other authors. I got to spend time chatting with Mitali Perkins,(we discovered we're both computer geeks but I'm pretty sure she's geekier than me - I mean that in a GOOD way, Mitali)  Matt Tavares, Kevin HawkesLeslea Newman, and Steven Krasner, among others. And I got to catch up with good friends, Jackie Davies, Mark Peter Hughes, (we're both in review limbo, waiting on the same two reviews), Brian Lies, (with whom I just shared champagne the day before at our critique group meeting - celebrating his new contract and my new book)  and Darlyne Murawski, as well as my school visit agent, Janet Zade.